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The platform gives more visibility to Researchers’ work and helps the creation of Communities around common interests.


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Last topics submitted

Data protection & Big Data

The thesis focuses on the protection of personal data in the modern information age. It starts with an analysis of economic, social and technical changes that have occured following the digital revolution and then challenges this changes in the light of privacy and...
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The impact of IFRS on Swiss accounting rules

This work shows how the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) influ-ence the Swiss commercial accounting law. The effects appear from different direc-tions: The legislator considered the IFRS in the norm setting process thus he refered to them indirectly....
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Smart contracts: when the law is written with algorithms

Le but de ce travail est de développer une casuistique purement juridique qui répondra à la question:: Comment on peut développer des « complying smarts contracts », à savoir des contrats juridiquement acceptables pour nos sociétés et avec tous les avantages apportés...
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